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Convert prospects into buyers
  • Redirect prospective buyers on your website to the appropriate online channel partners
  • Supported by major platforms & distributors
  • Increase sales


Iceleads boosts online sales for manufacturers

Iceleads drives maximizes revenues for manufacturers and retailers by converting prospects on the manufacturer website into buyers.

A simple "buy now" button on the manufacturer product pages shows the retailers for a product including a direct purchase link. Thousands of reseller relations enable us to list sellers for virtually any product.

How it works

According to Forrester research, 78% of online shoppers visit the manufacturer website during purchase decision making. Most manufacturers do not sell directly because of a channel conflict or fulfillment limitations. This is a great opportunity for which Iceleads has a solution.

Iceleads has relationships with 17.000 channel partners (resellers) worldwide. This enables us to list sellers for virtually any product including price, stock position & deeplink to the product landingpage.

Iceleads uses this information to power the manufacturer productpage with a "buy now button" linking to the business partners of that manufacturer in a specific country.

Not only do we enable sales conversion, we also monitor sales conversion. Case studies have reveiled unparalled performance and results. Iceleads offers clear ROI. Click here for more information, example implementations and case studies on the Iceleads website.
  • Convert prospects into buyers
  • Enhance the online consumer experience
  • Engage with your channel partners & resellers by providing free leads
  • Monitor performance (leads & sales volume)
  • Increase your sales!
  • Channel management Manufacturers decide which resellers are listed on their website. Iceleads provides manufacturers with an intuitive and easy to use dashboard to manage the resellers on display
  • Customized look and feel The way Iceleads displays resellers on the manufacturer website can be fully customized to match the look and feel of the manufacturer website.
  • Advanced reports Iceleads keeps track on clicktrough and even conversion performance by implementing a tracking pixel on the reseller website so manufacturers can receive detailed reports on performance.
  • Plug and play implementation When it comes to implementation, Iceleads is flexible. Manufacturers can choose to implement a "ready to use widget" displaying the resellers or they can receive raw data via XML enabling manufacturers to implement Iceleads anyway they like.
  • Performance optimization Unlike other affiliate networks, participation for retailers is free of charge. Iceleads is fully devoted to achieving the best results for the manufacturer when sending leads to the channel. Traffic is prioritized by stock position, partner status and conversion performance.
  • Access control Iceleads provides manufacturers with an administrative login and logins for individual country managers so that information is restricted while the involved persons in your organization have access to relevant information.

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